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Welcome Provisional Members!

2023-2024 Provisional Members

Junior Auxiliary of Oxford is so excited to announce our 2023- 2024 Provisional class. These 26 members will serve a full provisional year before becoming actives next year. 

Emily McCrory 

Claire Scott 

Lauren Walker

Coco McDonnell

Madison Wawrek

Sasha Jackson

Emma Clark

Ashton Brooks Logan

Ann Granville Heaton

Caroline Millwood

Allie Roberson 

Emily Teer

Amanda Bradshaw

Crystal Griffin

Katie Stuckey

Brittany Payne

Madeline Thach

Amanda Bilbo

Alison McAvoy

Nicole Moorman

McKenzie Darnell

Michelle Wigley 

Yasmin McLaurin

Victoria Madary

Ellen Burch

Mary Margaret Wamble

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